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Lexmoto Gladiator 125

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:40 pm    Post subject: Lexmoto Gladiator 125 Reply with quote

There seems to be a few listings for this scoot, so here's another one Wink

2012 model Lexmoto Gladiator (Blue)
125cc - 4 stroke - GY6 type engine(Honda)

Purchased from a dealer on ebay (Lonsdale Cars/Bikes)Based nr Daventry.
Price 950 on the road.
Warranty was the std type, so doing service myself.

When I picked the scoot up it had not been cleaned !(dusty).
They seem a reasonable lot but I think taking on these and other scooters may be too much for them, or they dont care Icon_lol5.

Anyway The Lexmoto Gladiator -

I did the hard run in for 240km then put good oil in and changed the transmission oil as well at the same time.
Oil changed again at 1000km and an NGK spark plug fitted at the same time.

Performance is OK, for some reason the speedo reads spoVt on (checked with sat nav and car), acceleration is not bad but if you try to accelerate after the "off the mark" boost, not much happens but it does slowly wind up to a reasonable 55 cruising speed and at best it read 64mph slight downhill.
Up hill it dies a death, dropping to 35mph on some steeper hills and 2 up it went down to 25mph but this was a steep hill with no run up, so not bad.

Riding the scoot, it feels good, handles better than I thought it would even with the cheng chin tyres, so thats a plus point, seat is comfortable with a good position, minimal vibration only evedent at speeds over 50mph so not a problem
The Front forks seem just right, maybe a little firm but cheapness is the name here, as are the rears but together, they give a firm but ok ride.
Brakes - I have adjusted the rear brake and skimmed the front disc pads, so now the brake balance and performance is pretty good.

Space under the seat for an open face helmet - just !, fitted a top box and it desided to jump off at 40mph, luckily on a very bumpy back lane, scratched but not broke, locking clasp was dry, now all ok but weird to see your top box bouncing along in your mirror !.

Induction noise from the filter seems to outdo the exhaust noise but not really an issue (sounds quite beefy Icon_lol5).

Headlights I believe to be 2 x 35/35watt but was fitted with 2 x 25/25watt basic style bulbs, I have replaced these with 2 x 30/30watt halogen BA20d bulbs(blue tint) and these are 10 times better, litterally, also fitted Canbus led sidelights and these are much better too.

Tyre pressures were 50psi front and 45psi rear so they were changed to 35psi front and rear, this seems to work as a good balance.

I have put reflective white stickers on the front, reflective yellow stickers on the sides and reflective red stickers on the rear, these I got from ebay for a few quid and they are made from numberplate style material so glow very well when light is on them.

Trim fitting in some areas was not great but changing fixings and re-aligning the panels has made for a good fit.

Exhaust downpipe to head bolts, 1 decided to fall off, so, I have changed the long nuts for small nuts with washers and spring washers, no problems since.

Side stand as stated in other threads is not good, I may remove it alltogether, it self retracts and does not go out far enough to give confidence.

Bought in june/july mileage is now 1700 kms and counting!.

Heres some info for your use (I will add more) -

Engine oil - Semi-Synthetic 10w 40
Gear oil - Silkolene Scooter gear oil 80w 90
Spark plug - NGK C7HSA - 0.65 gap setting

Would I say "have one", yes I would, it is cheap but the amount of people that have said "that must have cost a bit" and then nearly fall over when I tell them the price, makes me laugh.

No regrets so far Rolling Eyes but with the parts very cheap and easy maintenance, I think these scooters are very good value, just keep an eye on the fittings and do the oil changes regularly.

Well worth the money and a good looking scooter as well Cool

Hope this helps and I will update any other issues or items I change, as well as add some pics when I can.

From new I coated the scoot with a waterproofing

Cheers, Tim Razz

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Location: Lincoln, UK

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good review, keep us informed of its ups and downs.
Thank you.

2012 Zontes Monster
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:37 pm    Post subject: Lexmoto Gladiator 125 - Adding to your review. Reply with quote

Hi Mpg4Me, great review.

I have had my Gladiator since April this year and have covered around 2250Km, I use it almost daily for commuting.

Am very interested to hear about your self servicing as I put mine in to the local Lexmoto dealer and almost without fail it comes back with more issues or they ignore the issues I asked them to look at. Have you just written off your warranty by self-servicing?

Agree on the performance. Agree on the loose down-pipe bolts! Am not impressed with the front disc brake, seems a bit soft and am not very happy with the noise the front fork head bearings if I practice emergency stops (a loud 'clunk' suggesting movement in the bearings).

Am desperately looking for an engineers service manual so I can figure out how to strip down the gauges assembly.

I have added bike bullets from, but found your information on headlight bulbs very interesting.

Will add more as I get it.

Thanks again.

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Joined: 30 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I too have just done around 2200kms and have noticed the clunk, I have stripped it down and all looks ok, if you over tighten the top race bearing even slightly you get a centralised notch from the steering so to keep it smooth you have to back it off a bit to keep movement from side to side, smooth.
Yesterday I did an unpractised ! emergency stop - white van jammed its brakes on right in front of me, Gladys (the scoot Icon_lol5) actually locked the front brake and it slid but stopped on the dot, so breaks good.

No other issues have come out into the open, I just keep doing the oil changes and clean and blow out the filter (brake cleaner perfect for this).

I have not bothered with the warranty, mainly its not worth the paper its written on, plus, I dont trust them to do the job properly, so I do it all myself.

I am looking into doing a coated braided hoses for the Gladiator, this will help with the spongy feel but with mine I have bled the front brake and skimmed the edges off the pads, breaking is now way better.

No other issues to report

Cheers Tim

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Joined: 30 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quick update.

Speed is steadily increasing with use.
Nothing else gone wrong but have noticed the indicator speed when standing fluctuates a bit.
Bolts on pipe to silencer rusting so going to fit some stainless ones.
May look into performance mods next year(180 big bore kit maybe).

Will keep you posted.

Cheers Tim.

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