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Need Advice on Ticket

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:59 pm    Post subject: Need Advice on Ticket Reply with quote

I just today managed to get stopped a scooter I bought last year (2014 Bintilli Scorch, all stock minus air box missing due to accidental breaking off on a kickstart).

Anyway, I'm going down the road on a 30 mph street, and was pulled over and given 7 tickets;
****45 mph in a 30 - (not possible unless had a 30mph tail wind to start with, and considering I had traffic passing me, and the needle on the speedometer was between 30mph and 35mph, so my speed was about 32). I know the speedometer is accurate due to there being several "Your Speed" sections in my neighborhood that I've checked the accuracy with.

****Failure to provide registration - I didn't have the registration on me at the time (which was in my other wallet, was just a quick run to the store so only grabbed my bank card, I'd and helmet).

****Failure to secure proper registration - Because the officer stated that I was doing in excess of 35mph, on a moped, meaning that my scooter was now according to him classified as a motorcycle.

****Failure to have valid drivers licence - Again, because the scooter was supposedly doing 45mph, classifying it as a motorcycle

****Failure to have insurance - Yet again, because supposedly was doing over 35mph, and classified as a motorcycle

****Failure to have valid inspection - See above

****Failure to have valid motorcycle licence - Again, see above

Now, I'm wanting to fight these because I wasn't speeding, and sure as hell wasn't going 45mph when other cars were passing me doing 40mph, one right before the cop stated he clocked me (claiming used LIDAR). And what's even more is I had almost stopped not even 200ft before hand due to a car making a left hand turn onto a side street. So there's no way that on my 50cc, I would have accelerated to 45mph in the timeframe.

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